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Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English


Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Usual Conversation | Different Clothes | Shouting Instructions

Wait, we have an anime now? Why would someone ever animate— Er, we mean... Quick; someone come up with topics to discuss! We have ratings to think about!

E2 | Backstage Wealth | Tower Trip | Girl with a Cold

If we’re talking about what to do after winning the lottery, then someone must have won while trying to remain anonymous! It’s the only explanation! And vaccines do what now?

E3 | Bath of Last Resort | Asakusa Visit | A Stroke of Raku

It’s okay, Marii. We all know you’re actually a guy despite your indignant claims to the contrary. Say, isn’t it strange how lucky Tetora is? Yeah, it’s like, super weird.

E4 | Glasses Girl | A Good Day to Daiba | Eye of the Bunny

Do you know what’s interesting? Glasses. Glasses are interesting. Also, this moon viewing party is nice and all, but, uh, isn’t there supposed to be a rabbit on the moon?

E5 | Praise the Girl | Trendy Town | A Farewell to Glasses

It’s technically not an off-season Christmas party if you’re watching this episode in December!

E6 | All Four One | Multiple Musashis | Servant's Revenge

A perfect 4 is the best number. Not like stupid 5, which is just the worst. Here’s a question: If a senpai leaves a group but then rejoins, would that make them a kohai?

E7 | Delinquents Are Scary | Something Fishy | Backstage Investigation

The only way we’ll get married is by becoming delinquents! And the electric bill’s really high. There’s certainly nothing unusual in this room, so something else is at fault.

E8 | Bag of Gold | Unsteady | Is It Over Yet?

One of these New Year envelopes has a lot of money, so we need luck on our side. Also, May Blues is a severe condition, so it’s now April 40th as far as we’re concerned.

E9 | Life's Butt a Comedy | The Bear of Ueno | Sleep-Talking

We need to get kids interested in Rakugo, so let’s make more butt jokes and see if that works! Also, Marii is sleep talking and whatever she says, happens.

E10 | Pumpkin Band |The Battle of Shinjuku | Cavity Beach

Halloween is a western tradition, so how do we make it more "Japanese"? And cavities suck. Brush your teeth like your mother told you if you don’t want to end up like Marii.

E11 | Family Drama | Sakai's the Limit | Tree's a Crowd

What do swimsuits and moms have in common? The answer may surprise you. We’re having another Christmas party, but the tree is so big the room might as well be a jungle!

E12 | Dreamer's Revenge | Scary | Blue in the Face

Happy New Year and sweet dreams! It’s also really hot, so we need to stay cool. You know what else is cool? Ninjas. So, let’s dress up like ‘em and paint the room blue!

E13 | Character Assassination | Akihabubble | A Little Extra

It’s the last episode, so is now really the best time to introduce a brand new, yet highly annoying character? Yes, yes it is.



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