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Insomniacs After School

Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English Latin American Spanish

Insomniacs After School

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Capella

When Ganta Nakami goes into the observatory, rumored to be haunted, he finds his classmate Isaki Magari sound asleep! They learn they're both struggling with the same problem.

E2 | Upsilon and Lambda Scorpii

Ganta and Isaki have experienced lonely nights as they each struggle with sleeplessness. They form a "Nightly Fun Society" using the observatory as a secret base.

E3 | Fomalhaut

When another student expresses interest in joining the Astronomy Club, it makes things a lot more complicated for Ganta!

E4 | Venus

Ganta invites Isaki to the fireworks festival, swearing that they'd only be going together for "photography practice", and Isaki promptly accepts.

E5 | Canopus

On a cloudy seaside class trip, Isaki makes a promise with Ganta to meet on the beach under the starry sky if the weather clears up.

E6 | Shooting Star

The heat is unbearable! The lack of AC doesn't help. Even the breeze is too warm. It's almost too hot to take pictures.

E7 | The Fireworks Star

Isaki and Ganta try to hand out fliers at the Shokusai Market for a meteor shower viewing party. Will anyone take them up on their offer?

E8 | The Congregation Star

It's almost time for summer break! If that weren't enough to be excited about, the Astronomy Club plans a meteor shower viewing party.

E9 | Altair and Vega

After the viewing party was rained out, Ganta plans to shoot pictures of the starry night sky and then use them to enter a contest.

E10 | Spica of Virgo

Despite starting a part-time job, Ganta hasn't raised enough money for training camp. But thanks to Isaki staying at her grandmother's house, their problems are solved.

E11 | The First Stars of Dawn

On the second day of their training camp, Ganta and Isaki's adventure begins with a trip to Mitsukejima.

E12 | Planet

With their chaperone Haya now gone, Ganta and Isaki are left all alone at her grandmother's house.

E13 | Methuselah

Isaki's parents find out that she and Ganta have been staying all by themselves. Naturally, they demand that Isaki come home right away, but she refuses.



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