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Human Crossing

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-MA)
  • Audio: English Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Human Crossing

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | The Wound

A talented boxer is haunted with a complicated past. Despite gaining popularity and wealth, he's unhappy until his coach gives him some timeless advice.

E2 | The 25th Hour

A 17-year-old mother has her baby taken away. With no one to go to, her only hope is in the hands of a troubled lawyer.

E3 | A Promise

A man remembers the joy he felt as a child when he got his bike. When his own son lacks any interest in the bike he purchased as a gift, the man thinks on what really matters.

E4 | Direction

Ryoko comes from a dysfunctional home and is furious when her brother asks her to look after their deadbeat father. Especially when he causes trouble with other people.

E5 | The Cicadas of Winter

An entitled actor’s ambition is suddenly at odds with his wife’s difficult pregnancy. Cicadas are used as a metaphor for tragedy. Will it be the same here?

E6 | The Beautiful Afterimage

Two brothers took two different paths. Jiro became a professor, and Ichiro a restaurant owner. Why does Jiro refuse to use his connections to secure his nephew’s enrollment?

E7 | Sidelined

Maeda has the potential to be a star reporter, but he believes his recent role as a regional correspondent is an insult. Perhaps there was a reason for this he was unaware of?

E8 | Message in White

Tamura, a guard at a prison, has a problem with one of the inmates, Yuko. But there is more to the story than antagonism born from being on opposite sides of the law.

E9 | The Smile

An old woman moves into a family’s home, claiming to be the husband’s mother. There’s just one problem: his mother passed away two years ago.

E10 | The City

Life takes people in unexpected directions instead of according to plan. Facing the end of their marriage, a husband and wife reminisce of their youth spent together in Paris.

E11 | Whispers

With no one else to turn to, a bullied youth starts to bond with an old man unsympathetic to his situation.

E12 | The Instructor's Rain

An instructor at a reform school honestly believes that no student is beyond rehabilitation. Will Akemi prove him wrong?

E13 | The Watershed

A woman killed her husband, that is an undisputed fact. As her trial unfolds around her, she reflects upon everything that led up to that fated event.



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