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Gunparade March

Season 1

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Gunparade March

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Playback/The Visitor

Another grueling mission; another rain soaked day in the trenches. Normality can be carved out from the routine of unending battles against the invaders.

E2 | Do Whatever You Like/Going My Way

A chance meeting marks a new beginning on the way to school. Who is this new transfer student and what does this mean for the class?

E3 | Summertime Blues/Fire Works

Summer vacation is here, but due to the threat posed by the invaders and the necessity of the Student Draft System, the class is only allowed a few days of freedom.

E4 | Tea for Two/Duelist

When your life is dedicated to training and fighting in giant mecha, it’s only natural that your hobbies and interests gravitate towards them as well.

E5 | A Withered Leaf/Thursday’s Child

The class prepares for a puppet play. But they must all remember that wars do not care about the personal lives of its soldiers.

E6 | After You’ve Been Gone/I Guess Everything Reminds You Of Something

Final exams are coming and then Christmas Eve. In another happier time, it would have been an evening for couples. But for Unit 5121? A stark reminder another year has passed.

E7 | The Endless Night/In The Forests Of Nights

Mai and Atsushi find themselves stranded and surrounded by the enemy. With Mai injured and an extraction impossible, their chances are grim. Merry Christmas.

E8 | When April Comes/With Your Musket, Fife, And Drum

The seasons turn, and it is now spring. It is a time for renewal and perhaps romance. What does a sudden love confession mean for a member of Unit 5121?

E9 | For You My Heart Trembles/A Day In The Life

It is essential for leaders to know their personnel. Both Tadataka and Makoto reflect upon the members of Unit 5121.

E10 | Hello Sadness/Once Upon A Dime

Superstitions can be common in the military. Maki wonders if recent events are a sign of ominous things to come. Meanwhile, the class puts on a play.

E11 | Unspoken Words/A Good Reward For Their Labour

People notice the bond between Atsushi and Mai and believe they should be a couple. But what’s actually important is how the two really feel about each other.

E12 | Every Time I Say Good-Bye/Gun Parade March

An alien invasion was the most significant event in human history. With the dawn of the 21st century, people turn a hopeful glance towards the future. Humanity shall endure.



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