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Godzilla vs. Hedorah

Godzilla vs. Hedorah

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Godzilla vs. Hedorah

Godzilla vs. Hedorah

Theatrical | Godzilla vs. Hedorah

A biproduct of Earth's pollution, the smog monster Hedorah feeds off of the planet's toxins. Godzilla must stop Hedorah before it is too late!

The Return of Godzilla

Theatrical | The Return of Godzilla

THE RETURN OF GODZILLA returns Japan’s greatest monster to his intended role as an epic force of destruction.

Ebirah, Horror of the Deep

Theatrical | Ebirah, Horror of the Deep

A group of friends run afoul of the giant lobster Ebirah while on a stolen boat, and with the help of a beautiful native, discover a slumbering Godzilla to aid them.

Godzilla vs. Gigan

Theatrical | Godzilla vs. Gigan

When giant aliens insects invade the earth, Godzilla and Anguirus will have to work together to take down them down!