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Girls und Panzer OVA

OVA Series

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: English

Girls und Panzer OVA

OVA Series

OVA | Water War!

In the midst of summer, the student council announces to the school that they're going to the beach. Meanwhile, the girls go shopping for their swimsuits.

OVA | Survival War!

The school decides to go on a camping trip. Meanwhile, they try to start a barbecue but the freshmen end up making a mess.

OVA | School Ship War!

The girls start to learn more about the academy ships and learn the different maintenance areas. Afterwards, the girls go to a hot spring.

OVA | Ankou War!

The girls go to certain areas around their hometown and perform the Anglerfish dance, a homage to episode 4.

OVA | Snow War!

Taking place in the battle against Pravda, Yukari and Erwin are caught in a snowstorm. Afterwards, they disguise themselves as Pravda students to obtain key information.

OVA | Banquet War!

After obtaining their championship victory, the girls go to a celebratory banquet. Meanwhile, an impromptu talent contest breaks out between the teams.



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