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Fantasista Doll

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Fantasista Doll

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Uzume Uzu Uzu - A Shadow Draws Near?

Uno Uzume finds a deck of cards on the street one fateful day, and what transpires will change her life forever.

E2 | Sasara Sara Sara – You’re my ‘master’?

Fed up with the stress of having to learn to use her cards as well as a fussy Sasara, Uzume decides to give them back to their previous owner.

E3 | The Expedient Errand - Madeleine's Devotion

Madeleine's helpful nature begins to irritate Uzume. A ruthless new Master appears, intent on taking Uzume's cards.

E4 | Jimejime Shimeji - Counterattack by the Pathetic Prince?

Shimeji's previous master abandoned her, with only a ring to remember her by.  Aloe's master returns for another fight.

E5 | Work Work Working - Katia's Beginning?

Uzume is going broke buying snacks for her dolls, so they all get part time jobs. Katia makes a special friend.

E6 | Akari Karikari: Restrictions and Devotion?

Akari feels down after being scolded by Uzume. An odd new Master appears, and takes a liking to Akari.

E7 | A Heart Tart? All Together As One

A new Master is after Uzume's cards. Sasara and the rest will have to work together if they hope to defeat him!

E8 | Onion On On - A Fair of Culture?

Uzume and her club set up a curry shop during the school culture festival. A new masked opponent appears.

E9 | Kagami Kami Kami? Confusing Feelings

Kagami is given a choice: take Uzume's cards or miss the chance at finding her kidnapped brother. The Director's true identity is revealed.

E10 | Poked Poker: The Director's Challenge?

Uzume, her mother, and a new Master play a game of 5 card draw with Madeleine as the prize. Uzume's mother proves herself to be quite the poker rat.

E11 | Komachi Machi Machi? Promised Devotion

Komachi-san has come to collect Uzume's dolls as she is their original master. Uzume is reluctant to let them go, but a meeting with Lord Rafflesia could change everyting.

E12 | Wishes Upbeat, Everyone's Shining

Uzume and Komachi have one final showdown. Proto Zero proves to be too much for Sasara and the rest, and Kagami's brother finds a way to revive Sonnet through other means.



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