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Doomsday With My Dog

Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
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Doomsday With My Dog

Season 1

Shorts | Ontology, Eudaemonics, & The Dignity of the Wild

If Haru’s master is the last person on Earth and no one else can observe her, does that make her Schrödinger’s human?

Shorts | Planet of the Something or Other, Unchanging Relationship, & A Dog Who Won't Understand, a Girl Who Can't Read a Map

Not all who wander are lost. Except for Haru’s master, that is. She’s totally lost.

Shorts | Man's Best Friend (Working Title), Withdrawal Symptoms, & Moments of Bliss

What’s the worst thing about the apocalypse? There are no more Internet videos.

Shorts | In the Sea of Trees Part 1, In the Sea of Trees Part 2, & Snow White the White Shiba

What should one do when stranded in the most infamous forest in all of Japan? Have a philosophical discussion about cats.

Shorts | The Nightmare, Goodbye, & One Dog Is Enough

Which nightmare is scarier: living through the apocalypse or going to school?

Shorts | Nonconformist Gene, The Miracle of the Spring, & Reconsidering Urashima

What kind of knowledge is valuable during the apocalypse? Japanese folklore.

Shorts | The Impermanence of All Things, The Value of 21 Grams, & Twilight

Nothing lasts and everything changes form. Except for cringy, embarrassing memories from years ago. Those will stay with you forever.

Shorts | Under the Stars, The Dark Side, & The Little Mermaid

Heroes are supposed to reject the villain’s offer, but dogs are simplistic about what they want.

Shorts | A Game of Catch, Rivals, & Love Theory

What does love mean?

English Simulcast
Thu, Aug 18, ’22 10:30 AM
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Shorts | Fake, Crime of Conscience, & Fake (Revised)

Although tanuki can shape-shift, the racoon dogs quickly realize they don’t need to use their supernatural ability to fool Haru’s master.



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