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Detroit Metal City

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-MA)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Detroit Metal City

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | PV/Sick Murderer

A dream of being a famous pop star turns into a blood soaked nightmare for Soichi as he becomes Krauser, the lead singer of a death metal band.

E2 | Real Legend/Satan

An outing with Yuri and her friends takes a metal kind of turn as a drunk Soichi becomes Krauser during karaoke.

E3 | Pig/Drugs

Yuri is tasked by her magazine to do an expose on DMC and it… doesn't go well. Ms. President visits Soichi to teach him how to live the DMC lifestyle.

E4 | Frustration/Good Song

Soichi is given the option to perform as himself in a posh shop, but it doesn't go as planned. Later, he has an… encounter with a former classmate and their band.

E5 | Masochist/Family

The Capitalist Pig might just be in love, and Soichi wants to help him! Krauser has other plans. Later, Soichi gets a surprise when he visits his family in Oita.

E6 | Punk.1/Punk.2

A guy-hating, girl-only punk band starts a feud with DMC, even going so far as to call them outin a song! When a challenge is issued, will DMC go down in flames, or history?

E7 | Tower/Confession

A misunderstood parting line leads DMC fans to gather at Tokyo Tower. Yuri goes out with Mr. Asato, and Soichi spies on them with disastrous results.

E8 | Promise/Alternation

It's time to record DMC's first album, but Soichi isn't sure how he'll perform offstage. Later, Soichi is torn as DMC's first promo event falls on Yuri's birthday.

E9 | Cinema.1/Cinema.2

Ms. President agrees to let Krauser be in a movie. At the movie premiere, the actors find out that the director changed the ending!

E10 | Fake/Detroit Moe City

After Soichi quits DMC, Ms. President arranges a fake Krauser to take Soichi's place! Meanwhile, a young girl dressed as a DMC member is revered by fans as "Little Krauser'.

E11 | Hip Hop.1/Hip Hop.2

A childhood friend of Soichi's turns out to be rapper Kiva, who has a beef with DMC. Krauser crashes a Kiva concert and tries to remind his old friend of the past.

E12 | Emperor.1/Emperor.2

Metal legend Jack II Dark is going on his farewell tour, and DMC is his Japan target. At the concert, Krauser descends from the rafters to dethrone Jack as the new metal god.



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