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Dai Shogun

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-MA)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Dai Shogun

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Succession Strife, Keiichiro Appears!

17-year-old virgin Keiichiro found himself accused of murder. On the hunt for the real culprit, he teams up with a mysterious woman in a fight against a super-powered robot!

E2 | The Alluring Red-Light District, and the Foxy Chiharu!

Keiichiro learns the truth behind his ability to pilot Susanoo. To rid himself of the responsibility, he decides to head to a pleasure house to find a girl that can free him.

E3 | The Sex Witch Houkouin Strikes!

An assassin targets Keiichiro to prevent Susanoo from reaching its potential. Keiichiro learns the surprising secret to unlocking Susanoo's full power.

E4 | Susanoo Hijacked! The Vicious Asai Hyogo!

As Keiichiro goes on his usual hunt for girls in town, a samurai appears. The samurai is seeking vengeance from the seal-bearer of the Tokugawa clan.

E5 | Later Summer in Nagasaki, on the Night the Lanterns Float

Keiichiro learns that a kiss from a virgin will break his curse, but has a hard time getting results. Kuriko learns the secret from Otomi and gets instructed to "cure" him.

E6 | Shigeyoshi of the Rebellion, the Bloody Surrender of Edo Castle!

A new story unfolds. Hitobashi Shigeyoshi is another person who can control an Onigami. While in captivity, he plans to end the political corruption of the shogunate

E7 | Ninja of Passion, the Bloody Shinsengumi!

Keiichiro learns that the curse is gone and goes out on the town with Hyakusuke. Unknown to them, a powerful new enemy is about to make their entrance.

E8 | Dejima at Dawn, the Greatest Fist in Japan!

The seal to activate the Susanoo gets stolen from Keiichiro. To get it back he'll have to take part in a game of Strip Rock Paper Scissors where Kiriko gets forced to strip!

E9 | Cherry Blossom Baths Love Stories

Kiriko feels upset because she is unable to pilot Susanoo though she is getting closer to Keiichiro. Houkouin appears to reassure her but has a hidden agenda.

E10 | After the Rampage, the Two Make Their Decision

Susanoo loses control and leaves Keiichiro in a coma. Chiharu places blame on Kiriko. Faced with guilt, Kiriko wanders through the city and encounters Ryouma Sakamoto.

E11 | Led by the Onigami, to Share Our Fate!

Verbeck and Glover return with more ships than they did last time and plan to attack Japan again. To make matter worse, Shigeyoshi appears! Can Keiichiro defeat his enemies?

E12 | Break the Thunderclouds, Heavenly Thunder God Susanoo!

The final battle begins with Kiriko captured and Keiichirou injured. With the odds stacked against them will the heroes of the tale be able to win?



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