Key Art for Corpse Party "Live Action" - PG12 Version

Corpse Party "Live Action" - PG12 Version


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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Corpse Party "Live Action" - PG12 Version


Theatrical | Corpse Party

All the horror, less gore in this adaptation of "Corpse Party." When a group of students perform a chant, a nightmarish evil is unleashed.

OVA | Separated in Multi-Dimensions

A young girl wakes up alone in a dark classroom. Seven classmates telling scary story in the dark reap the consequences of a mysterious accident and, one by one, get targeted.

OVA | A Broken Hinge

The curse of the school begins to strip them of their sanity as they're at first targeted by the souls of the Heavenly Host Elementary students, and then each other.

OVA | Love Out of Reach

As the body count rises, the students desperately try to survive as they slowly lose their sanity. Just when they feel a glimmer of hope, it's dashed further.

OVA | The Sad Truth

The students try to understand what happened in the past in order to survive their present. After watching the grusome deaths of their friends, can they change their fate?



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