Key Art for Canaan


Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: English


Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Evil, Flood-Colored City

Canaan, a covert agent with the power of synesthesia, arrives in China just in time to save her friend from a deadly attack by the terrorist organization.

E2 | Worthless Games

As Minorikawa realizes Maria has a connection to the mysterious assassin Canaan, they are attacked in downtown Shanghai by a mysterious old man and his young accomplice.

E3 | Trivialities

When Canaan kills an old man threatening Maria, she provokes a young mutant to murderous revenge. As Maria and Canaan enjoy their reunion, the evil boy plots against them.

E4 | Lingering Sunset

Rescued by her "sister" Liang-Chi, and now taking her place of power as the leader of the terrorist organization Snake, Alphard sets a trap for Canaan.

E5 | Friends

As Alphard makes preparations for her attack on the global anti-terrorism conference, Liang-Chi devises plans of her own: blackmailing Yun Yun.

E6 | Love and Piece

Minorikawa and Maria receive an invitation to attend the anti-terrorism conference, but it's only a ruse by Alphard to lure Canaan to the summit.

E7 | Gravestones

After the Ua virus is unleashed, the global governments have no choice but to allow Alphard to drop a bomb on the anti-terrorism conference, killing millions.

E8 | Voice

After Alphard chooses Canaan over Liang-Chi, the spurned terrorist breaks off and vows to exact a terrible revenge. Meanwhile, Minorikawa confronts Santana.

E9 | Flowers of the Past

Canaan, Maria, Santana, Hakko, and Minorikawa head to the desert to discover the secrets of the Factory. Once there, Santana confesses his involvement in the massacre.

E10 | Loss

When they enter the Factory's deepest chambers, Canaan, Maria, and the others find the diseased survivors of the horrible experiment.

E11 | See-Saw

As Liang-Chi's subversive plan takes a deadly toll on the group, Canaan and her companions struggle to escape before more lives are lost.

E12 | The Seasonal Train

Alphard kidnaps Maria and Yun Yun in an attempt to trap Canaan. As both girls hurtle toward certain death, Canaan risks a daring rescue.

E13 | The Promised Land

After saving Maria and Yun Yun from Alphard's trap, Canaan decides to end their rivalry once and for all.



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