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Brynhildr in the Darkness

Season 1

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Brynhildr in the Darkness

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | While I Wait for You

A young boy whose friend died when they were young is shocked to see a new transfer student who looks just like her walk into his class.

E2 | Witches

Murakami continues to be fascinated by Kuroha, even more so after the realization of her supernatural powers.

E3 | Death Suppressants

Murakami is worried about Neko, and finds her in her makeshift home a bloody mess. Kana explains why and Murakami is compelled to help them both.

E4 | Lost Memories

Kuroha's early exit is delayed by some quick thinking by Murakami, and a new witch transfers into their school, seeking entry into the astronomy club.

E5 | Astronomical Observation

While on an overnight stargazing trip, Hana's foresees the death of two of her friends at the hands of the new girl Kotori.

E6 | The Reason for Her Smile

Kuroha and Murakami are forced to witness the death of another witch and the mutilation of her body. With little forethought, Kuroha goes after Kikako.

E7 | Fragments of Hope

While Murakami awaits his friend's analysis of the pill, Kuroha tries her hand at Karaoke, and Kazumi convinces Murakami to let her tag along to Akihabara.

E8 | The Clue Left Behind

The device has revealed another clue to follow, and Murakami makes his way to the point on the map, unaware that danger lurks just past the corner.

E9 | Fake Memories

Nanami uses her newly uncovered ability to scan and modify people's memories to give herself a small reprieve from the chaos around her.

E10 | Proof She’s Alive

Time is running out for Neko and her friends as their pill supply dwindles. On the edge of despair, Ryota reminds them of their promise and arranges a trip to the beach.

E11 | A Sudden Reunion

Valkyria is on the hunt for the remaining witches, and Neko and the girls decide the best plan of action is avoidance at all cost.

E12 | Hexenjagd

#1107 has been revealed, and Murakami and the other discover the true purpose of the witch lab. Suddenly, the fate of the world lies in their hands.

E13 | That Which I Want to Protect

Valkyria's relationships with Neko is revealed. As the world burns around them, who will make it to the end?



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