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Beyond the Boundary OVA


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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: English Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Beyond the Boundary OVA


OVA | "Shinonome"

Two years ago, the Nase siblings met Akihito for the first time when Hiroomi and Mitsuki are sent to subjugate the half-yomu.

E1 | Carmine

When this seemingly normal boy meets a bespectacled girl on the roof of a school building, she leaves one hell of a first impression.

E2 | Ultramarine

Mirai goes after a youmu with a little help from Akihito, hoping to make it her first kill. Later, they hear about a menacing new monster on its way to town.

E3 | Moonlight Purple

The Hollow Shadow creeps ever closer to town. While all other spirit warriors go into hiding, Mirai is determined to take it down.

E4 | Bitter Orange

Mirai and Akihito seem to be trapped in a neverending labyrinth by the Hollow Shadow. However, defeating may only be the beginning.

E5 | Chartreuse Light

Mirai takes a harsh punishment for going after the Hollow Shadow. She's forced to take a part time job, but learns more about herself in the process.

E6 | Shocking Pink

A special youmu with a penchant for pretty girls gives Mirai a tough time, so Akihito enlists the Literary Club for support.

E7 | Color of Clouds

Akihito finds a weakened Sakura and can't help but assist her. However, later on, Sakura confronts Mirai, seeking vengeance.

E8 | Calming Gold

The Calm, a time of fear for all youmu, is fast approaching. As the clock stirkes midnight, all youmu become weakened, and thus, become easy prey.

E9 | Silver Bamboo

Akihito loses control and his youmu side awakens. Mirai, and those close to Akihito, are faced with the hardest decision of their lives.

E10 | White World

Mirai succesfully stopped Beyond the Boundary, but at a great cost. The truth behind Mirai's past is revealed.

E11 | Black World

Mirai's battle with Beyond the Boundary rages on in a new dimension, while Akihito tries to figure out how to bring her back.

E12 | Gray World

Akihito reunites with Mirai inside Beyond the Boundary. Meanwhile, the Nase family fights a different war on the other side.



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