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Between the Sky and Sea

Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English Latin American Spanish Portuguese

Between the Sky and Sea

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | I'm Going Fishing in Space!

Haru arrives in Onomichi City to become a space fisherman to provide food for her grandmother. At least, that was the plan. Then she got lost on her first day.

E2 | Girls Division Assemble

Introductions are finally in order. Haru and Namino clash, but Takako explains the situation: people say that women can’t fish in space. They’re all going to prove them wrong.

E3 | Ruby’s a Spy, Got It?

Namino’s patience ends after Haru’s impulsiveness endangers the team’s success. Haru tries making it up to her with pancakes, but will that be enough to win the upcoming bet?

E4 | Why Don't We All Go to the Beach?

Ruby integrates into the team, but she has a motive for doing so. She was sent to Japan to learn the secrets of space fishing… for America!

E5 | Give me your power!

Makoto has a secret that threatens to sink her career before it even begins. Can the others help her overcome this debilitating circumstance?

E6 | Ramune, Secrets, and My Big Brother

Maiko falls further behind on her training. She wants to discover what happened during the first expedition six years ago but she ends up stonewalled. The question is why.

E7 | I'm the leader

The date has been set: They’re finally going to space. But Maki has no interest in being the leader of the second team despite everyone’s vote of confidence.

E8 | Between Namino and Haru

Namino takes training seriously and views a TV documentary of her team as a distraction. She’s forced to participate when both her and Haru are chosen as representatives.

E9 | An Ay-weesom, Yukata-filled Summer

It’s time for summer vacation, and Namino is returning home to help with the festival. Haru hears this and naturally invites both herself and the others along.

E10 | Memories and Records

Actions have consequences. Chasing a lead, Maiko went off on her own and now Ruby’s in the hospital. What will happen to the team now?

E11 | With Smiles, Up to the Sky!

Makiko demands the truth, no matter how difficult it may be to hear. Then, an incident occurs in Tank 99! Will this be a repeat of the tragedy of six years ago?

E12 | Between the Sky and Sea

All their training has led up to this moment. Haru and the other members of her squad must brave the dangers of Tank 99 if they wish to save the men’s squad.



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