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Battle Girl High School

Season 1

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  • Versions: Broadcast (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Battle Girl High School

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | We Can Do It!

Miki, Haruka, and Subaru get a surprise assignment from their teacher. Meanwhile, Urara and Kokomi have some problems of their own.

E2 | Is That What Gets You?

A new Hoshimori is introduced to the ranks. As Misaki learns how their operation works, the others try to hone their skills to catch up to her.

E3 | Resort! Retreat! Escape!

The girls head to the beach for a special training camp. The training is brutal, but their extra summer activities might be even worse, especially when an Irous attacks.

E4 | Songs with Emotion

A streak of bad luck puts the success of the Fortissimo concert in jeopardy. With their performance on the line, Kanon and Shiho ask the other girls to stand in as staff.

E5 | The Meaning of the Iris

In an effort to understand Misaki, Kurumi approaches her in the bath. Meanwhile, Yuri and Nozomi reminisce about their early days as a Hoshimori team.

E6 | Renge is Kurumi and Kurumi is Renge

After a particularly rough fight, Kurumi and Renge wake up and discover that they've switched bodies! Renge might be enjoying it too much... what will it take to switch back?

E7 | Protective Power

Someone has been watching the Hoshimori girls from the shadows. A new Irous may be too strong for Haruka, Subaru, and the other girls to handle.

E8 | Hoshimori Downtime

While the other girls enjoy their vacation, Haruka and Miki are forced to stay back to watch for Irous. Meanwhile, the other girls try to enjoy a day out.

E9 | Holy Tree Festival

It's time for the Shinjugamine Girls School Culture Festival! Their contribution: a play loosely based on Little Red Riding Hood.

E10 | Family

After proving themselves in the last attack, the girls are allowed to take a small vacation and visit their homes! Misaki, however, learns that the danger is far from over.

E11 | Truth

With Misaki's true past revealed, the girls prepare to face a powerful foe. As the puppet master behind the chaos begins her final play, Misaki takes on the danger by herself.

E12 | Bonds

Their black-hooded enemies from another world prove stronger than the Hoshimori class thought. It's up to Misaki and Miki to make it to the Wicked Tree before its too late.



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