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Azumanga Daioh

Season 1

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  • Audio: Japanese English
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Azumanga Daioh

Season 1 | 26 Episodes

E1 | Miss Yukari

It's the girls' first day of high school. They have to deal with their crazy English teacher, Yukari, new classmates, a new environment, and even more craziness than ever!

E2 | Osaka's Day

It's Osaka time! Osaka tries hard at school - during classes, during gym, and even during lunch. However, is that good enough?

E3 | Nyamo

The girls learn more about the close friendship of Yukari and Minamo. The biggest question is, why does Yukari call Minamo Nyamo?

E4 | Pool, Pool, Pool

Kimura, a teacher at the high school, has a weird taste in women: he seems to have a thing for high school girls! Is he a pervert or is he just misunderstood?

E5 | Summer Break

It's finally summer vacation! Chiyo invites the girls over to her summer house for fun at the beach. Yukari and Nyamo tag along as well.

E6 | Sports Fest

It's Sports Day and the school is holding an athletics festival! Will Sakaki win it for Yukari's class, or will Kagura bring Nyamo's class the glory?

E7 | Culture Fest

The Cultural Festival is right around the corner and Yukari doesn't want to loose to Nyamo! What ingenius idea will Yukari's Class 3 comes up with for the festival?

E8 | New Year's Dream Special

It's the New Year! It's said that the first dream you have of the New Year will determine what kind of year you have. What will Osaka, Tomo, Sakaki, and Kaorin dream about?

E9 | Miss Sakaki

It's Chiyo's eleventh birthday and Yomi, Tomo, Osaka, and Sakaki are all invited over. What presents will the girls get for her?

E10 | We're Second Year Students!

Osaka and Kaorin worry that they won't be in the same class as their friends this year, but Yukari has a cunning plan!

E11 | Kagura and Sakaki

Now that Kagura and Sakaki are in the same class, they are no longer rivals! However, can they be friends when they have such staunch differences regarding cute things?

E12 | Chiyo-chan's Day

Chiyo misses the days when she could just play with children her own age and be a kid. Meanwhile, Sakaki comes over to play with Tadakichi, Chiyo's dog.

E13 | Exams

It's exam time for Chiyo and her friends. Each of them worries how they'll fair in their tests. Who will come out with the top grades?

E14 | The Ocean, Summer Kimonos, and a Party!

It's time for the girls to take a break from school and just have fun! Chiyo invites her friends to the summerhouse, and a summer festival in the area.

E15 | Sports Fest, 2nd Year

As the girls prepare for the annual school sporting competition, the girls discover that their weird teacher, Kimura, has a wife and a daughter!

E16 | Culture Fest, Second Year

It's time for the cultural festival once again! This year, the class opts for a cute cafe, but will it all go according to plan?

E17 | End of 2nd Semester and Christmas

It's December, and Christmas is just around the corner! The girls talk about pandas, Santa, and reindeer, but Yukari has a lot more on her mind.

E18 | Koyomi's Ordeals

Winter Break has ended and the girls return for the New Year. Everyone is jealous that Yomi went to Hokkaido for break, so they plan a trip to the Magical Land theme park!

E19 | One Spring Night

Spring is in the air, and the Cherry Blossoms are blooming. The girls wonder if they should be busier, while Nyamo and Yukari wonder if they, as adults, are too childish.

E20 | Third Year

The girls enter into their last year in High School! Things are changing, and the girls start to think about college and their future jobs.

E21 | School Trip

The girls take a class trip to Okinawa. There, they have fun taking in the sites and eating the wonderful traditional food.

E22 | Entrance Exams Study Camp!

It's the girls' last summer break together. Tomo wants to continue the summer house tradition, but they have to study! Attempting to do both goes about as well as expected.

E23 | Last Sports Fest in High School

It is the girls' final sports fest in high school and they're all fired up and looking forward to it! Each girl is pumped for an event, but will that be enough?

E24 | Yamamayaa

Sakaki is reunited with the Iriomote Mountain Kitten that she met on the school trip to Okinawa. Will Sakaki be able to keep Maya?

E25 | Onwards, Entrance Exams!

The girls make tough choises as they consider their future careers and prep for their exams. With graduation on the horizon, will they all pass?

E26 | Graduation Ceremony

It's the girls' last day of high school! After graduation, they are no longer high school students, but their high school friendship will forever remain.



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