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Asura Cryin' 2

Season 2

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Asura Cryin' 2

Season 2 | 13 Episodes

E1 | The Obliterated World and the Ruins of Memories

The Science Club follows a koala into the tunnels underneath the school and are completely unprepared for what they find down there.

E2 | The Burial Doll Consumed by the Demon

If Tomoharu's going to help Misao, he'll need answers. Haru can help, but she needs a favor first.

E3 | Free but Inconvenient Choices

Can Burial Dolls ever be released from their torment? Tomoharu hopes so but he's been hiding the truth from Misao.

E4 | The Price of Calling the Name of the Living Sacrifice

An old foe approaches Tomoharu for help. Suspicions and hard feelings will need to wait; time is quickly running out.

E5 | The Lonely Relationship Between Love and Magic

Tomoharu and Kanade train for a three-legged race, but their situation is about to get a lot more complicated...

E6 | The Truth I Offer to You

This can't be right. If Naotaka has a grave, how can he give ominous warnings over the phone? Enough is enough: Tomoharu is tired of being left in the dark!

E7 | Moment of Destruction, Darkness of Annihilation

Ania and Tokiya are hostages. If the Science Club ever wants to see them again, they must meet the kidnappers at the Meioutei ruins with Tomoharu.

E8 | A Future Without Memories

Tomoharu finds himself in a familiar yet strange world with none of his friends in sight. What is he going to do now?

E9 | Death and Peace, Adjoined

Everything is peaceful, and dearly departed friends are still alive. However, Tomoharu cannot find peace. He doesn't belong here.

E10 | Surviving Life, Dying Life

Tomoharu refuses to believe the death of a world is inevitable. A desperate plan could offer a slim chance to turn the tide but the price would be high...

E11 | My Feelings for You Destroy the World

The consequences of Tomoharu's decision have unexpected results. Now that everyone knows what's a stake, they understand that tragedy cannot repeat itself.

E12 | Despair Felt for the Past, Parting, and Predestination

The gate opens and the voidence has begun. Tomoharu and the others may save their world with the Central Vortex but they need to get to it first.

E13 | The Gears of Choice

Two Asura Cryin' vie for supremacy. One wishes to create a new world and the other wishes to save them all. Who will emerge the victor?



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