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Anonymous Noise

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: English Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

Anonymous Noise

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | We Hide Our True Heart

Nino starts her first day of high school and bumps into an old friend unexpectedly. Thrust into the spotlight, Nino unleashes her voice in hopes of being found.

E2 | Please, God, Let Alice's Love Be Forever Unrequited

Nino recalls childhood memories of Momo, leading up to the moment she first meets Yuzu. Meanwhile, Yuzu is having a hard time reconciling the past and present.

E3 | No Matter What, Right Now

In her search for Momo, Nino starts to practice her singing with some help from Miou. Everything changes when she sees a contest being sponsored by Momo!

E4 | The Ones Who Hid Their True Hearts Joined Hands That Day

Nino can't stop blaming herself for what happened to Yuzu. In the meantime, Yuzu is determined to make Nino sing for him.

E5 | I Wouldn't Have Had To See You Smile Like That

Nino and Momo finally cross paths, but their reunion is cut short when Momo lets his past get in the way. In the meantime, Yuzu is waiting for Nino to perform his music.

E6 | We keep Walking Forward, Today and Tomorrow

When Nino is given Momo's damaged guitar, she is determined to learn how to play. Meanwhile, Yuzu's feelings grow stronger.

E7 | Our Eyes Finally Met One Another's

Yuzu's mother won't let him write music, so he's forced to write it somewhere else. Momo, sensing Yuzu's distress, invites him over, and they bond over their love of music.

E8 | I Was Just Gonna Be Your Friend, I Swore I Would Be

Emotions run rampant as Momo and Nino finally meet, but reality leaves a bitter taste. Yuzu struggles to accept Momo as a friend, and love rival.

E9 | So We Set Off at a Run, Towards the Summer

In the aftermath of Yuzu's bold move, Nino finds herself rethinking their relationship. Later, Momo confronts Yuzu with the truth... and a challenge.

E10 | It Was Me Who Set Alice on Fire

Things are heating up as the gang gets closer to Rock Horizon. With stakes high for Yuzu and Momo, Nino is left with a need to improve.

E11 | I Won't Let a Single Person Leave This Place

Momo meets his mother in an unpleasant reunion, only to be met with an ultimatum. In the meantime, the gang is ready to perform, and Nino isn't backing down.

E12 | I Hope It Reaches You

Nino is playing her heart out at Rock Horizon, but things get tricky when Yuzu gets a surprise visit from the last person he expected.



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