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And Yet the Town Moves

Season 1

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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-PG)
  • Audio: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English

And Yet the Town Moves

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | The Fortune Cafe

Hotori's and Toshiko's job at a maid cafe conflicts with school rules. They must convince their teacher to permit their job, but first the cafe has a lot of improvement to do...

E2 | The Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

An encounter with the local police officer leads Hotori to threaten sexual harassment suits. Hotori's plans to increase customers backfires.

E3 | The Cat Boy

Moriaki begs Hotori to use her detective skills to discern the mystery surrounding two keepsake paintings. Hotori assists with recovering a pet cat.

E4 | The Cursed Equation

After scoring a 0 on her math test, Hotori's math teacher, Moriaki, sentences her to detention and divulges his murderous presumptions.

E5 | The Amazingly Strange Toshiko Tatsuno

Tatsuno receives tickets to see a movie and wants to invite her love interest, Sanada. Takeru, Hotori's younger brother, is asked to hang out by his classmate, Ebi-chan.

E6 | The Pandora Maid Service

Hotori visits an antique shop in search of a birthday gift for Tatsuno. Later, she searches for a PC to scan an image for her site and finds a spreading pandemic.

E7 | The Lovers' Midnight Dash

Sanada devises a plan and uses his daily horoscope reading to win Hotori's heart. The two decide to play hooky for the remaining school day.

E8 | The Fully Automated Orchestra

The girls discover a vending machine with astonishingly good food. Hotori's class isn't planning anything for the Cultural Festival; Futaba suggests forming a band.

E9 | The Clash of the Buytans

Harue challenges Toshiko to a table tennis game. Both girls put up a furious fight, but in the end, who will be the victor of the tennis table?

E10 | The Finger Pointing Geriatric

The news reports mysterious holes that have appeared in the neighborhood. Futaba questions Hotori about the holes.

E11 | Kon's Summer of Tears

Mr. Moriaki tries to help Hotori with her remedial math class by comparing it to detective work with mixed results.

E12 | Sore Machi...

Futaba and Toshiko aren't on speaking terms because Toshiko refuses to join the table tennis club. Hotori ruins an expensive pen and dreams about being judged in the afterlife.



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