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Amagi Brilliant Park OVA


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  • Versions: Home Video (TV-14)
  • Audio: Japanese English
  • Subtitles: English

Amagi Brilliant Park OVA


E1 | Not Enough Visitors!

When Isuzu Sento asks him out, Seiya Kanie assumes it is a date. The reality is quite beyond his imagination.

E2 | Not Enough Time!

Sento's rather fantastical story regarding the park and its inhabitants isn't the only surprise in store: Kanie's about to meet those attempting to shut the place down.

E3 | Not Enough of a Boost!

Kanie adopts his new role and begins implementing his reforms upon the park, but his suggestions rile up the employees.

E4 | Not Enough Secretary Competence!

As Kanie continues to create change throughout the park, Sento feels as though she isn't helping enough. However, as a storm threatens to flood the park, Sento takes charge!

E5 | Not Enough Money!

Kanie's new ticket prices are having a not-so-surprising backlash - the park's broke. Desperate, he, Sento, and a few of the mascots head to a cave rumored to hide treasure.

E6 | Not Enough Staff!

With the park beginning to prosper, Kanie and Sento begin to interview for more staff, but Sento is a little... on edge about it.

E7 | Not Enough Pool Safety!

With summer in full swing, Amagi's water park is open. However, the shark mascot, Jaw discovers something fishy in the machine room, and danger may be lurking in the waves!

E8 | Not Enough Love Appeal!

When Kanie collapses from exhaustion and a cold, Sento and the mascots take turns attending school as him utilizing a magical suit.

E9 | Not Enough Teamwork!

The Elementario fairies are a little frazzled as they attempt to work on a new show, and they just can't work together! Will they finally be able to become a team?

E10 | Nothing Can Be Done!

The visitor count steadily escalates following the grand opening of the park's night time operations. Later, Kanie discovers the grave consequence should he fail in his task.

E11 | Nothing to Worry About Now!

After finding out Latifah's reliance on the park, Kanie doubles his efforts into making sure they reach their target visitor count in time. Will it be enough?

E12 | Nobody Knows What the Future Holds!

The park is on the brink of its deadline, and every cast member is giving their all to get the final visitors to come, but they might be too late!

E13 | Not a Good Promo!

The park needs a more exciting promo video; Kanie assigns Sento and Triken to the task and the two take input from the Cast members to spice it up. How will this turn out?

OVA | No Time to Take It Easy!

Kanie tries to get his work done while shuffling employees around to cover for a workplace mishap. Meanwhile, Moffle takes Eiko, Biino and Shiina on a PR training mission.



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